Re: Jewish name for Isabelle? #general

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Dear all.

I received few replies to my recent posting, and would like to add:

A. Jezebel / Izevel, who was of Phoenician origin, had fought against the
Judeans who believed in god, and tried to convince them to worship Baal and
Ashera (Canaanite gods).
Isabelle, the Spanish queen, was one of the causes for the troubles of the
Jewish people of Spain.
There was a gap of about 2300 years between these two nasty characters, and
nothing seems to have changed :-))

B. Elisheva, which is the Hebrew name for Elisabeth, was the mother of
Achab, and wife of King Solomon.
I don't see any connection between Elisabeth and Isabelle, rather than a
Freudian mistake, made by a rabbi, whose mistake became fact :-))

Best regards,
Udi Cain, Israel

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