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Joy Weaver, East Islip, NY asked:

I was named Joyce Isabelle. The Joyce was for my mgm, Sheina/ Jean, and
the Isabelle for my pgf, Isadore/ Yitzak. I was never given a Jewish
equivalent for the middle name. A rabbi once told me I could use Elisheva,
but that doesn't seem to sit right. Any thoughts?
Your parents chose to give you non-Jewish names of their own choice, simply
matching initial letters. Sheina is not essentially a "Jewish" name but the
Yiddish form of a German name, and has nothing to do with Jean though Jean is the
feminine of John and John is the English rendering of Yochanan and sometimes
Yehonatan. Yochanan has the fem. name Yochanah, often abbreviated to Channah
or Hanna or Anna or Ann.

Isabelle is a cursed name for Jews, and in English too, as Jezebel--the
epitome of the evil woman--so I'd stay away >from that.. If you want a real Hebrew
name, look through the Bible and look for a character and a name you like--the
meaning of many names is given in the Bible. Or go to (the
English-language Israeli newspaper) and find a female name you like--which may
or may not be Hebrew.

Michael Bernet, New York

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