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Shalom y'all!
I have just spent the weekend with my Grandfather and received some new
information. I found out that both of my Ggrandparents came as young
children >from Russia. My Ggrandfather came at the age of 12, and spent some
time at an orphan asylum before joining his siblings in Iowa. His name was
"John" IVENER, but of course, John was not his original name. however, my
Gfather does not know the original Jewish name.
My Ggrandmother's name was Ida FREIDMAN, and she came >from Russia at age 9.
she had 2 brothers, names, Harry and Louis.

My grandmother's maiden name was Lillian COHEN, she had a sister named
Frances. they were both married to my grandfather (at different times)
Arthur "Archie" IVENER. Lillian and Frances' parents were Abe and Molly
COHEN. who I believe also came >from Russia.

I am very new at Genealogy, and I am also at a loss at understanding Jewish
customs, names,etc... because I was raised by adopted parents in a Christian

I am researching this so I can pass down my heritage to my sons.

Any information would be helpful and very much appreciated!

Have a blessed week!

for His Glory,

Susan Morgan

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