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Dear Joy,
As I have been reading the several posts on Isabelle and Jezebel, I keep
returning to my first two thoughts: "What does Kolatch say?" and "Isa!"
I just checked my trusty copy of Rabbi Alfred Kolatch's "The New Name
Dictionary". He apparently only sees Isabelle as a form of Elizabeth, and
suggests checking for meanings and related names to Elizabeth. (I only
found Jezebel listed as Izevel (Aleph-Yud-Zayi-Vais-Lamed) in his appendix
of feminine names printed in Hebrew.)
However, I remember a girl I once knew >from my summers at Camp Ramah
whose first name was Isa -- and who had been named for her grandfather, Isaac.
I think her Hebrew name was Yitzchaka, a feminine form of Yitzhak (Isaac).
Other Hebrew name possibilities usually would include Hebrew names
similar in meaning to Elizabeth,such as the Elisheva that was suggested to
you, or Hebrew names such as Ilana and Israela (Yisraela), for names that
would give that same initial "I" or "Is" sound, possibly even Esther if you
want to extend it to an initial "Es" sound. Or you could always pick a Hebrew
name you like.
Judi Langer-Surname Caplan
Long Beach, NY

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While all these posts are flowing about Yiddish or Hebrew names, I
thought this might be a good time to ask about my middle name. I was
named Joyce Isabelle. The Joyce was for my mgm, Sheina/ Jean, and the
Isabelle for my pgf, Isadore/ Yitzak. I was never given a Jewish
equivalent for the middle name. A rabbi once told me I
could use
Elisheva, but that doesn't seem to sit right. Any thoughts?

Joy Weaver
East Islip, NY

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