Barnett birth cert and marriage cert #general

Essy Skinner

Hello to the list:

In researching my grandmother I have received a birth certificate and
marriage certificate that are not my BARNETT and if there is someone who it
may belong to I can email a copy and if it belongs to them I will snail mail
it to them.

They are as follows:

Birth Certificate for Jennie, father John Andrew Barnett, mother Mary Jane
address 53 Reunion Road, Newington, born September 28,1895.

Marriage Certificate for John Andrew Barnett and Mary Jane Parker on the
25th of December 1892 in the Church of All Saints in the Parish of

They are certified copies received >from the UK.

I have received the correct birth certificate for my grandmother and hope
that these belong to someone who will see this posting.

Good hunting to all,

Esther FINEBERG Skinner
Corinth, TX

FINEBERG Ekaterinoslav,UK,NJ,NY
BARNETT UK,NJ,NY,CA,Long Island,NV,Canada
PARIS Russia,Mexico,TX,NY,Canada,Colorado
ISSACMAN Russia,Mexico,TX,NY,Canada
WAGMAN Romania, Russia,NY,Canada,France
SONTAG Russia,unknown

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