Fw: RACHMAN ancestors #general

Rachel <rahel_ia@...>

Dear Genners,

Please, anyone related to (or knows about) RACHMAN family descenders/kin,
that emigrate to the US continent >from UMAN - Ukraine? (Odessa, Kiyev as

Details are herewith:

Chane RACHMAN (>from Uman) came to US on the ship Lituania, port of
departure Libau, at Dec.1910, (born in Nevel-Russia at 1899).

Liebe RACHMAN (same details) born 1894 in Nevel-Russia.

Ente RACHMAN (same details) born 1881 in Nevel -Russia

They came to Lieb HOCHBERG - Brookly New-York (649 st.?)

Golde RACHMAN Uman originated, came to the US on the ship Uranium, port of
departure Rotterdam, at Dec. 1911, born at 1870.

Male RACHMAN (same details) born 1895.

They came to RAGLISS - Brooklyn N7 (brother in low to Golde, which was a

Nissen RACHMAN born in Odessa, emigrate >from Turkey, (ship name Caronia
sailing >from Liverpool) born in Odessa at 1880
he came probably to Burevitz or Gurevitz in Brooklyn New-York.
I care for his siblings.

Thank you,

Rachel Asherovitz

Wollach/Wolloch/Wallach, Rosen, - Lipkany
Rill/Real/Ryle - Ukraine origin

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