Help For Memel - Slutzk And Kiev #general

Nigel Wilson <wilsonettes@...>

Help wanted please.

I have a friend in England who is just beginning researching his family and
has come to me for advice - unfortunately I cannot offer much as my
territory is Romania - he is looking to find vital records >from Memel /
Slutzk (Minsk) and Kiev - 1800-1890. - how should he proceed?

I see that Slutzk comes under Belarus so therefore have advised he looks at
the Jewishgen Belarus database - however I am sure that there are fellow
genners who would be able to give me a quick answer to his request.

I look forward to hearing >from you (privately).

Thank you.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

Searching:- Nadler - Botosani, Dorohoi, Mihaileni - Romania.
Katz/Catz - Piatra Neamt - Romania
Weintraub - Galatz - Romania
Stitzel - Zolynia - Austria
Bank - Sieniawa - Austria.

MODERATOR NOTE: Your friend can look into both Belarus and Ukraine SIGs
at <>;.

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