Louis Street Cemetery in Leeds, Yorkshire #general



After 2 years of on and off searching, with the help of Sherry Landa (British
Jewry Listserv), I have discovered the burial place of a number of my direct

Now for the next step - to determine where the burial records are for these
people. The burial dates range >from 1905 - 1957.

So if anyone has any ideas of:

1) Is this still an active cemetery?
2) If not active, who maintains it?
3) If not active, how does one arrange to visit a gravesite?
4) Who has the original burial records?
5) How can they be contacted?

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide.

Jonny Joseph
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Researching JOSEPH (was KUCZYNSKI), GREENBERG (Leeds, Yorkshire)

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