Re: Ostreir #general

Judith Romney Wegner

"Henk" wrote
Does anyone know the place of Ostereir or something similar.
It should be in what is now Poland and it was in the late
> 1800 part of Austria?

Perhaps you have in mind Osterreich, the native name of Austria?
Alexander Sharon

Alexander Sharon is obviously correct. I am guessing that the
questioner had seen the name "Oesterreich" handwritten in Yiddish.
If so, that would have ended in a final khaf; and if the stem was
insufficiently elongated, it could very easily have been misread as a

I point this out as it is worth bearing in mind whenever we are
trying to decipher handwritten Yiddish. Might also be useful when
reading eroded gravestones!

Judith Romney Wegner

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