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Alexander Sharon

"Mark Schwartz" wrote

I have copies of birth information for my grandfather and greatgrandparents
while in Zhitomir. As to the "Place" of birth each of these say that the
birth took place "on Podol" - at a certain named house, for example ("on
Podol - Permut's house). Does Podol refer to a street..or a section of
Zhitomir, or does it refer to a completely different place near Zhitomir?
Your thoughts welcome.

Mark Schwartz
Arlington, VA
The Podol in several towns and cities was known as town's poorest area,
populated mostly by Jews. The most famous Podol was (still is?)* in Kiev
and name of "Podol" area is associated with the "lower part of town".
Do not confuse this Podol with Podolskaya Guberniya, it is different
cup of tea.

As to 1915 Zhitomir Podol view, please refer to Boris Feldblyum collection

* There have been extensive demolition works carried out throughout the
Kiev's Podol. I wonder if anything left at all >from those old multilevel
falling apart buildings and the chicken houses.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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