Visit to Pultusk, Poland #general

Amy Fellner <amyfellner@...>

Dear JewishGen editor:
I would appreciate your posting the following inquiry
for distribution to the JewishGen listserv and also to
the Pultusk group.   Thank you!
My grandfather was born in Pultusk, Poland, and most
of his family was killed during the Holocaust.   I
have the opportunity to visit Pultusk next week, and
would appreciate recommendations any of you may have
as to location of the sites of Jewish interest in
Pultusk.   Also, if any of you have hired a guide in
visiting that area of Poland (60 km north of Warsaw),
I would appreciate any recommendations you may have as
to English-speaking guides.   Please respond to me
privately directly at amyfellner@....   Thank
you for your assistance.
Thank you,
Amy Fellner

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