Re: ketubah in 19th century Vermont #general

J&B Davis <bdavis@...>

A number of recent messages have stated categorically that
no copies of ketubot are kept by communities ... I beg to differ!

In my capacity (for the past 27 years) as
secretary/archivist/librarian/research officer for the
Australian Jewish Historical Society in Melbourne, Victoria,
I have had access to almost complete sets of ketubot issued
by many synagogues throughout Australia and New Zealand,
dating >from 1841 and continuing up to the present time
(in some cases). Particularly since the regular use of
printed (rather than handwritten) ketubot, bound
registers of duplicate certificates were kept,
with one portion being removed and given to the bride
under the chuppah, and the counterfoil kept by the
relevant issuing body.

Regrettably, in more modern times a large number of our
synagogues have not kept duplicate copies of their ketubot,
but only of the civil certificates.

Beverley Davis OAM JP
Melbourne, Australia

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