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Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

On Tue, 25 May 2004 "Sam Schleman" <>

"In the New York City all-boro index to deaths for 1940, I found a
person in whom I am interested, who died 16 September 1940.
However, the certificate number is no. 28 and the boro code is coded
that the death occurred "Out of City"."


I had the same situation occur when researching my ggm. The "Out of City"
reference means that the person died somewhere elese and was brought back to
the city for burial. My ggm was visiting her children in Norwich, CT, when
she had a heart attack and died. She was brought back to NYC and buried in
MT. Zion cemetery in May, 1936.

My ggm's NYC death certificate states that she died in Norwich and gives the
death certificate number. I suggest that you first look at the death
certificate for clues, but absent this information, if you know where the
person was buried - the cemetery (>from the NYC certificate), ask the
cemetery to check their records aand to tell you if they have the actual
place of death, then contact that locale for the death certificate.

Marlene Bishow
Rockville, MD

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