descendants of Philip REIFER, pharmacist #general

Renee Steinig <rsteinig@...>

I am searching for the descendants of Philip REIFER, born 1889
in Rzeszow, then western Galicia, to Joachim (Chaim) REIFER and
Chana SALIK. He grew up in Jaroslaw and studied pharmacy in Vienna.
The Ellis Island database shows two trips to the U.S. -
in 1907 (Philipp REIFER) and in 1913 (Filippo REIFER). According to
family sources, he settled in the U.S., possibly in Brooklyn,
and was a pharmacist. He is said to have married and had children.

I have been unable to find Philip in the 1920 and 1930 federal
censuses or in the 1933-34 Brooklyn City Directory. Before I launch
an all-out search of naturalizations, vital records, etc.,
I thought I'd check with you: does the name ring a bell?

Also, I'm wondering if anyone has ever run across
professional directories of pharmacists that cover any years
between 1920 and 1950. The earliest one that I could
identify was published in the 70s.



Renee Steinig

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