Re: Surname puzzlement #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Whilst searching through the Ellis Island site online for Morris or Moses
Michaelovitch leaving England by sea for USA, the name Moses Mokoboitch came
up. Could this name be for real? Could it be that an official wrote down
whatn he thought he heard or is it simply illegible handwriting?

Dear Sandra

I think this could easily be a handwriting problem. Here's a
possible scenario:

Suppose the official meant to write "Mokolovitch" but accidentally
left out the "v"? if so, "Mokoloitch" in poor handwriting could
easily be misread later as "Mokoboitch" (the cursive l and b are
very similar to start with).

And "Mokolovitch" could easily be an attempt to write down
"Michaelovitch" (which would have been pronounced more like
MI-KHAIL-O-VICH in the original).

Judith Romney Wegner

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