VM4152 - 5: An Uniform and Individuals looking to Identify #general

Timothy Patton <fanoemmitt@...>


I am hoping that someone can help me identify people,
location and an uniform on some pictures I have posted on

I believe most of them are related to the SALOMON
or KISTNER families. Two of the pictures are >from some type of
gathering at a park.Two of them in more remote areas. One picture
has a person in a uniform in it. I have tried to compare it to
WWII uniforms but have not found a match.

There are descriptions with the pictures but most of it
is what we believe not what we know for sure.

If anyone can help identify anyone or anything >from any of
these 4 pictures it would be greatly appreciated.

Picture with person in uniform at gathering.

Another picture at gathering.

Picture with children (Maria & Heinz Salomon) and who we believe are

their mother & uncle & aunt.

Picture with children (Maria & Heinz Salomon) and who we believe are

their grandparents and an unidentified child.

I believe these pictures are >from the summer of 1939.

Tim Patton
researching: Salomon & Kistner

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