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Nancy Holden

The question Paula asks is a good one. I want to reassure all of you that we
are making the wonderful push for the success of the BOF groups; that we are
tracking all of your responses on a spreadsheet. We expect to post the
results by the 15th of this month so everyone can see who the volunteers are
and the lists of locations. We'll include surnames, of course.

This is a ">from the subscribers" movement and it is growing daily. Also,
please, send your contributions using the donor forms to JewishGen marked
Belarus SIG and BOF.

Thanks to all of you for using the newsgroup to make connections.

Nancy Holden
Belarus SIG Project Coordinator

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Is someone taking notes on all of these BOFs? Wouldn't it be better to
a note to the list that these should be directed to someone? No one wants
be Chief (surprise! <vbg>)

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