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Good morning Genners,
My grandfather, Henoch ABELOWITZ (Rabinowitz in the US) was born, according to some Russian army papers I have, in Vidzka (now Vidzy)around 1872. At the time Vidzy was in Lithuania, but is now in Belarus. His wife, Feige Leah SUCHOWITZKY, came >from Kartuz-Bereza.
He never applied for naturalization (though she became a citizen after his death) and I have not been able to find any information about his immigration into the US, though I have her passenger manifest and that of their first child. When Feige Leah arrived in the US he was already here, and must have arrived between 1904 and the first quarter of 1906, but that's as far as I've gotten.
Some time between her arrival in April 1906, and the birth of my father in Feb 1907, the name changed >from ABELOWITZ to RABINOWITZ.
I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else out there has any ancestors >from Vidzy, and has any information about the town, or even the ABELOWITZ family.
Toby Rodney
Apex, NC
(ABELOWITZ-Vidzy, SUCHOWITZKY- Kartuz-Bereza, TROIANSKY- Talnoye, Ukraine, ZALMECHOVSKY- Kiev or Kalnibloder, Ukraine, HOCHBERG- Kherson?, RUDNITZKY-
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