Re: Spouses' Parents' Names #general


On Jun 6, 2004, at 10:39 AM, Israel Pickholtz wrote:

I don't generally list the names of spouses' parents, although I have them noted
in my database when I know them, but here is a good example why we should
include those as individual entries. Had I not had a different Augenblick
entirely, we would never have found the Augenblick which was of interest to both
of us.
I have always added the names of spouses when available. In-laws can indeed
provide a great deal of detail on your own family and provide even a single clue
that can allow you to find that elusive distant cousin. I take this notion
possibly to another extreme and have researched siblings of in-laws (not on a
regular basis, but where it's available to further a family branch). This has been
very successful in extending my own (or my wife's) family tree. Leave no rock

Elias Savada
Bethesda MD

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