Buenos Aires Cemeteries #general

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,
Following enquiries I got >from many of you here is extra info. Though I do not
know Spanish I got the meaning of the following words:
Manzana-quarter(of the cemetery)
Parte-part of the cemetery(old-new)
Fecha-date of death
You may contact AMIA (the central organization of Argentinian Jewry) by email but
apparently only in Spanish. The email address is reunir@amia.org.ar
The Israeli Genealogical/Roots list is
www.tapuz.co.il/forums you should go to the SHIN letter of the index and than
click the Shoreshim Mishpachtiyyim. You should know modern Hebrew,not the one you
remember >from the Bar Mitzvah...
Good Luck. It is a treasure.
Jacob Rosen

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