Re: Buenos Aires Cemeteries and HEURVITZ/RAFALOWICZ #general

Robert Mandelbaum

Carlos Glikson mentioned that the Argentine Jewish Genealogy Association also has
databases covering burials in other provinces, cities and towns besides Buenos
Aires. Are these databases also online? In particular, I'm trying to find
information about the HEURVITZ family (also LATASHEW and ISAAK) >from the Entre
Rios area (specifically, Gualeguaychu). Are burials >from that area available?
The Buenos Aires database was extremely helpful in locating information about my
RAFALOWICZ (also NUCHER and RAFAELI) relatives. And by the way, if any of these
families ring a bell with anyone, please let me know. Thanks very much.

Robert Mandelbaum
New York, New York

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