What does this translate to in English? #general

Ricki L. Zunk <nockbockle@...>

While searching the Internet for my RENDELSTEIN family, I came upon a
listing on the IMDb (Internet Movie database) for a Wilhelm Rendelstein.
The listing says that he was a "cinematographer" and listed the phrase
"Lazi mene radi (1923)."

I went to an several online translators to see what "lazi mene radi"
means in English (believing that this particular phrase was written in
German). Unfortunately, not one of the translators could give me an
English translation for the phrase.

I'm now thinking that perhaps the phrase is not written in German.
Might it be Hungarian? I really don't know what language it might be.
So, I'm turning to our very knowledgeable membership to ask for help.
If anyone out there can understand what this phrase means, please write
back to me privately nockbockle@mindspring.com and tell me what it

Thanks in advance,

Ricki Zunk
South Florida, USA

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