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Alexander Sharon

"Abuwasta Abuwasta" wrote

Dear Genners,
Need help >from an experienced Genner who is familiar with the hand writing of
the Ellis Island clercks. Dobe Lupolanski arrived on Dec 4th,1913. She is listed
on line 14 on pages 960 and 961. I do not manage to decipher her last permanent
residence in Russia(p.960) nor the place of her birth (last column on p. 961).
Please respond privately.
Jacob Rosen

Your request regarding private response is appreciated but I believe that any
discussions concerning general interest as e.g. names of the localities should be
made available to all Genners and kept consequently kept in the discussion group
archives for the further references.

As to your request it appears that Dobe Lupolanski was resident of "Olgonov" which
most probably corresponds to Olganow near Busko in the Kielce region of Poland.
Olganow was obscure place with only 3 Jewish residents

There are other candidates for"Olgonov" that are located in Ukraine and Belarus
(Olgopol or Olgomel) but you did not volunteer to provide details as to the region
where >from Dobe has originated.

Analyzing Dobe's birthplace reveals that she was born in "Holowansk" which is
modern Holovanivsk (ex Russian Golovanevsk) situated south of town Uman in
southern Ukraine.

Thus, establishing Dobe birthplace in Holovanivsk we can now return to "Olgonov"
and through the more or less an intelligent deductions figure out that "Olgonov"
should read Olgopol, located some 40 miles WSW >from Holovanivsk.

I could be of course incorrect in my speculalations. Lupolanski surname is spelled
Polish way not "Lupolansky" which may indicate that Dobe was after all resident of
Russian Poland. But on the other hand, Ellis Island scribe could be of the Polish
origin and perhaps he wrote down names >from the Russian passport his own way. Who

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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