Re: Where is "Olexinca Province Voline, Russia"????? #general

Alexander Sharon

Ricki L. Zunk"

Anyone have any idea where Olexinca might be? I checked the ShtetlSeeker trying
to figure out if there was something akin to that name near Szumsk. Not sure if
what I saw would have been "the one."
Please advise privately if you have any information or informed opinion.


Staryy (Old) Aleksinets at 4950 2533 and adjacent to it Novyy (new) Oleksiniets at
4950 2530 ale located SSW >from Kremenets in Volynskay (ex Volin, Voline, Volinsk,
Wolyn) Oblast (ex Guberniya) of Ukraine (ex Russia)

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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