Re: Application for a Social Security Number #general

Ted Gostin

Shellie Wiener recently asked about an application for a Social
Security Number that she received. It was not an SS-5 >from the Social
Security Administration, but a Form 3327 >from the IRS. She wondered
why she did not receive an SS-5 form.

I believe that the answer can be found on the Social Security
Administration website, under their history section. They have a
timeline that indicates that in 1963, the IRS began using Social
Security Numbers as the official taxpayer ID. Since the person in
question obtained the number in 1963 at the age 66 to 69, it appears
that she did not previously have a SS# (like many elderly women who
worked primarily at home), and had to obtain one in 1963 for tax

The SSA website also has many other interesting notes it its history
section, which is worth a look.

Ted Gostin
Los Angeles, CA

I requested [per one of the other genealogy web-sites suggests] a
photocopy of the actual application for a Social Security card, (Form
SS-5 Social Security Number Record Third Party Request for Photocopy.)
I received an enlarged photocopy of Form 3227 - U.S. Treasury Dep't.
- IRS Application for an Account Number, which looks exactly like the
form that I filled out for myself in 1971.

Should I have asked for the Form SS-5 in the first place? This cousin
applied when she was 66-69 years old in 1963. When I wrote the letter
to the Social Security Adminstration I had no idea as to when she had
applied. [She had been widowed during the Depression.] Was the form
number or method of giving out Social Security cards and numbers
changed at some point? Would it make it easier for the Social
Security Adminstration if one asks for one form prior to a certain
date and another form after said date?

As always, many thanks in advance.
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

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