Researching EISENBERG / ROTHSTEIN of Bayonne, NJ and Russia #general


Researching Samuel EISENBERG (b. 1868?)who immigrated >from Russia to Hudson
County, Bayonne, NJ in late 1890s. Married Dora ROTHSTEIN (b. 1877),
daughter of Bayonne residents and Russian immigrants Charles and Nettie
ROTHSTEIN, in 1897. They had four sons: George, Mayer ("Mike"), Harry and Barney
("Ben") who all continued residence in Bayonne.

Dora ROTHSTEIN died at age 35 in April, 1912 in Bayonne.
Sam EISENBERG died at approx. age 90 in July 1960 in Jersey City.

I've had luck with U.S. census records, but little else. Sam's a real man of
mystery, so thanks for any help!

Barry Eisenberg
Rockville, MD

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