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In addition to what David has offered, please remember that Castle Garden has
had several names thru the years. It is also called Castle Clinton, after
Mayor DeWitt Clinton. In 1812 it was West Battery - originally built as a
fort to protect the harbor of New York.

Other hits by using your favorite search engine for Castle Clinton:
Lower Manhattan Info - Did You Know? :

Black and White images and a brief history:

Several great artist renderings of Castle Clinton, including the interior:

You might also search the JewishGen Discussion Group Message Archives which go
back to 1993. Castle Clinton and Castle Garden discussions are also available
there and are very informative.

Nancy Ring-Kendrick - Port Orange, FL
Member: Society of American Archivists and Florida Society of Archivists.

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There are a wonderful series of pictures available >from the New York Public
Library site

The National Park Service site also provides some information.

Google also offers some interesting material such as

Dave Sencer

Does anyone know about or have a reference to the actual
processing procedure at Castle Garden.

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