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Leslie Weinberg <artsoul@...>

Never knew how difficult it was to search surviving family. Seems my
mother and her siblings had and have had no contact with their cousins
or uncles and aunts for thirty or more years. I am searching for
children and grandchildren of Blanche (REISS) and Martin SCHWARTZ.
Blanche was one of my grandmother's two sisters who came to the U.S.
Helen never married. Blanche had at least three children, one of whom
my aunt knows died, and a set of twins named Emil and Stella. My aunt
did see Stella some years back in Florida but couldn't find her the next
time she visited. She feels she may be deceased. Her married name was
Stella RAPHAEL. We do not know if she had any children. Emil
supposedly changed his name to Jeb STUART or STEWART (my aunt believes
all of the children changed their last names to STUART or STEWART) and
moved to Texas. Again, we do not know if he married or had children.
My aunt does know that he wrote a book! My grandmother's brother, Jene
(John in the U.S.) lost his wife, remarried and gave his children to his
late wife's sister, who adopted them. They go by the last name RITTER.
I have recently met Edward RITTER, and I believe there may have been
an older brother who died some time ago. We do not know if John REISS
had children with his second wife, and where he might have gone. If
anyone knows any of these REISS descendants, please, please let me know.
They still have two surviving cousins in their late 70s on the West
Coast, and large numbers of children >from their four first cousins who
were Adele Reiss Eisen's children. My mother was Alice (EISEN) DANN.
Leslie Weinberg

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