EIDB-LUPOLANSKI-Golovanevsk in Podolia(Podolien)-Ukraine #general

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,
Thanks to all of those who replied privately and were
part of this exciting exercise.Most of you were on the
right track.
Upon the correct suggestion of Mr. Alexander Sharon
and the addition of Mr.Arthur Hoffman I decided to sum
up what I have learnt in the process. To start with,
the place of birth of Dobe LUPOLANSKI is the current
town of Golovanevsk in Ukraine in the Podolia
region.However,until 1918 it was part of the Russian
Empire but had an Ukrainian name. A map I have seen on
SIG spells it Holvanivsk but it was apparently
spelled Holovanivsk. Jewishgen cemeteries project
spells it Holovanevsk.
Now, and take a deep breath,here are the different
spellings I found on EIDB when I searched either
Golovanevsk or Holovanevsk:
Galvenski,Golwanesk, Golowamcik,Galawinski,Golwansk,
I may have forgotten another one or two....
The last place of residence is most probably Olgonow
though I have no idea where it is.
It seems,anlyzing the different spellings, that the
shipping clerks in Bremen, Germany(where the ship
Friedrich der Grosse departed from) had a partial
contribution to this Babylonian mess.They apparently
wrote what they heard and made their own composition.
The clerks in Ellis Island used their data without too
many corrections. The Germans knew Podolia as
Podolien(like in Galicia=Galizien) so they wrote it.
Some had apparently some knowledge of Polish and thus
the use of J or Y.
The interesting lesson is off course that the D-M and
Soundex methods have to be tried more than once to
yield maximum results.
And now go back to Dobe Lupolansi's entry on EIDB and
enjoy yourself.
Thanks again for your assistance.
Jacob Rosen

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