ERMAN, GOLOMBEK and REMACZ of Sandomierz #general

Marilyn Glass <mgft@...>

Dear Jewishgenners:

I have in my possession some information regarding birth, marriage, death
and divorce regarding the surnames of GOLOMBEK and REMACZ who are related to
ERMANs of Sandomierz, Poland. However, at the present time I can't make a
connection to the ERMAN Family who I am researching.

If any of the above seems familiar, please contact me at mgft@...

Thank you.

Toronto, Ontario

Searching: ERMAN, Sandomierz, Poland; GLASS, Sandomierz, Poland;
JACOBOWICZ, Bendin, Poland; KAPLAN, Bendin, Poland; KLEIN/ER, Pavlinka,
Podolia, Ukraine (formerly Russia); KUTCHINSKI, Leczyca, Poland and England;
LANDAU, Leczyca, Poland and England; PLATNICK, Pavlinka, Podolia, Ukraine
(formerly Russia); ROSENBAUM, Sandomierz, Poland; TAUB/TOBE, Plonsk, Poland;
ZYLBERSTEYN, Sandomierz, Poland. (any spelling for all of the above)

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