Searching: EPSTEIN, Kaunas > New York City, before 1904 #general

Dave Berg <timestorm1@...>

Dear All:

I am searching for descendants of Israel EPSTEIN, who emigrated
from Kaunas to New York City before 1904. His wife was Sarah
Rachel GOHD. I don't know if she came to the US. He was living
in NYC, in the Lower East Side. They had at least 7 children. In
1904, his daughter Emma, age approximately 16-18, came through
Ellis Island with 4 younger siblings, Rose, Zerni, David, and Isaac.
They came on the vessel Patricia. Supposedly, there were 2 older
daughters, Anna and Lucille. Emma is my great grandmother. She
married Harry (Herschel) ROSENBERG in NYC in 1907. Our family lost
touch with the other 6 siblings and their descendants long ago.
I have no information as to when Israel and Sarah EPSTEIN died.

I have looked throughout Jewish Gen, Ellis Island records, and the
census records, but without success. I have not been able to look
at the immigration records yet. Does anyone recognize any of these

Thank you.

Dave Berg
Boston, MA


EPSTEIN (Kaunas, Lithuania), GOHD (Kaunas, Lithuania),
HALEVI (Riga, Latvia), HOFFLAND (Ladismith, South Africa),
JACOBOVITCH (Chisinau, Moldova), KOPELEVITZ (Eisiskes,
Lithuania), PINCUS (Roman, Romania), SHREIBERMAN (Vilnius,
Lithuania), SZCZUCZYNSKI (Eisiskes, Lithuania),
TISHELMAN (Riga, Latvia), ZAIDMAN (Chisinau, Moldova)

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