Stefi ROTH- Bratislava Deportation Records? #general


I have been searching for the fate of my Great-Aunt Stefania
TAUSSIGOVA ROTH, born in Prague January 7, 1894.
(One document states January 6, but the Prague Archive
document states Jan. 7). She was the daughter of Moses/Moritz/Taussig
and Theresa (Terezie),born Neustadlova.

Stefi married Arnold ROTH, born in Bystricany,
Slovakia (June 6, 1884-194?).

I received >from the Jewish Community of Bratislava Stefi's
address in 1940: Zidovska 200, Bratislava. This may have been
her last place of residence before deportation.
She worked as a housekeeper and taking care of children
to survive. Arnold was a salesman.

I would like to learn the date of deportation, assembling place,
and name of the concentration camp where Stefi and Arnold perished.

Stefi is not listed in the Terezin Memorial Book.
Yad Vashem has an incomplete Page of Testimony that I
would like to update.

I found the following address on the Internet
(without zipcode), mailed a letter of inquiry on May 3, 2002,
and never received a reply. I had someone phone,
but there was no answer.

Zidovska nabozenska obec Bratislava
Holocaust Documentation Center
Palisady 18
8000 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

I have also not received a reply >from Jewish Museum in Prague.

I would appreciate any suggestions where to search further.

Miriam Friedman Morris
New York

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