Lodz Ghetto Database #general

martin j kronman <mkronman@...>

I discovered today the new Lodz Ghetto data base and found some
interesting results. Three members of the Kronman family all
living at the same ghetto ghetto address also had the same
address in Lodz, Adolf Hitler Strasse. This is clearly not
the original name but the name given to the street by the
Germans. However, there does not seem to be any such street as
Adolph Hitler Strasse in the Lodz street name index.
Both the original and German names are given for large number
of streets, but there is no mention of the German
name. Does any one know what the original name was?
I would be grateful for this information.

Martin J Kronman
Syracuse, NY
Researching: KRONMAN in Kolo, Konin, Tulszkow, Lodz,
Zdunska Wola in Poland; Hungary and the United States

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