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Dorothy Kohanski <dkohanski@...>

recently sent the Zionist Archives a set of four books of the proceedings
of the American Jewish Conference (1944-1948), a committee of Jewish leaders
from all over the US and some >from Canada, who met regarding presentations
to the UN concerning the future of the surviving Jews. My late husband,
Dr. Alexander Kohanski, was the organizer of the Conference and editor of
three of these books. They list all the attendees and give virtually
verbatim discussions by these leaders.
In addition to its historical importance, some members attending the
current Genealogy conference may find a relative or two and see what they
had to say.

If anyone does look at these books, I'd be interested in hearing >from you.
Incidentally, when I looked through the list of attendees I found a number
of relatives - who did not know they were family!
Dorothy Kohanski
Laguna Woods, CA

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