"The Twentieth Train" #general

Stephen Esrati <stevsta@...>

Grove Press has published "The Twentieth Train: The True
Story of the Ambush of the Death Train to Auschwitz."

The book concerns a train >from Mechelen, Belgium, but
the people aboard were >from every corner of Europe.

Of interest to Jewish Genners is an appendix, listing
the deportees. There are more than 1,500 of them with
birthdays and place of birth. In some instances,
it also gives the occupations.

The accuracy of the occupations depends on
whether you trust the Germans. For example, one "schoolgirl"
listed (in 1943) must have gone to a school for middle-aged
people because her birth was in 1903.

Stephen G. Esrati
Searching for HIRSCH (Berlin and Dortmund)

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