Does anyone know Specifics about Bogdanovka Concentration Camp? #general


On my trip to Ukraine a few weeks ago I came across a concentration camp called
Bogdonifka, a town mear Pervomysk. Apparently they did medical experiments to
people there--people who came >from the whole southern area of Ukraine--and then
just shot them. There is a mass grave marker in a field in which it says 54,600
people were shot.

I'd appreciate any information on this camp. Also, in the Sthetl Seekers list, I
was searching for Zarivka and Bogdanivka came up as a parenthesis under the
spelling Chirowka. Does anyone know what this means? I could find no one in
Bogdanivka who knew the town as Chirowka, but Zarivka is what I was searching for
(and that town is exactly where I think my Zarivka should be). What does it mean
that Bogdanivka is in parentheses under the Zarivka listing?

Marilyn Webb
New York City


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