KOENIGSBUCH - Taming Google #general

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,
I started searching my maternal family KOENIGSBUCH about 20 months ago.This is,
according to Dr. Beider, an artificial name >from Galicia(all of them hail in fact
from Brzesko a shtetl between Krakow and Tarnow).I searched of course GOOGLE as
well.There were almost no KOENIGSBUCH entries at that time and, whenever I typed
KOENIGSBUCH, Google automatically asked "do you mean Koenigsbach"(there is a town
with this name in Germany).
KOENIGSBUCH is sometimes spelled KONIGSBUCH because of the umlaut syndrom.
I posted quite a lot emails with enquiries about this name,but only after
delivering my lecture at the AIJGS conference last week Google finally got used to
the fact that Koenigsbuch is a legitimate entity and today when I typed
KONIGSBUCH, Google asked me "do you mean KOENIGSBUCH". Well I think that the
conference delivered the critical mass. You can tame Google!!!!
Jacob Rosen

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