BOF #belarus

Jenny Schwartzberg

I am interested in BOF groups for the following:

KAPLAN Antopol Kobrin Grodno
KAMENETZKY Antopol Kobrin Grodno
CHEMERINSKY Antopol Kobrin Grodno
TELECHANSKY Motol Kobrin Grodno
ADLER Motol Kobrin Grodno
TELECHANSKY Drogichin Kobrin Grodno
SHEDROVITZKY Drogichin Kobrin Grodno
PLOTNITZKY Selets Pruzhany Grodno
PILCHIK Selets Pruzhany Grodno
KANTOROWITZ Baranovichi Novogrudok Minsk
MOSKOWITZ Turets Novogrudok Minsk

Jenny Schwartzberg

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