Jerusalem Conference Thanks #general

Arthur Meyers <marciarthur@...>

Dear Israel Genealogical Society Friends,

We attended the 24th Annual Conference in Jerusalem and received much
information >from the various lectures we attended.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, July 8, we both became ill and were taken to
Hadassah Hospital for treatment. Arthur was in the hospital for the day and
Marcia was in for four days.

We want to thank the Israel Genealogical Society for their concern and for
the visit and calls >from members Miriam Haringman-Goitein and Mathilde
Tagger. In addition to the excellent medical care of the hospital staff,
their reaching out meant much to our full recovery.

We can happily report that "We Went to Hadassah Hospital and Did Not
See the Chagall Windows At First!" But we did eventually see the
Windows and much more in beautiful and inspiring Israel.

Thank you for a wonderfully well-planned conference and making all the
participants feel at home.

With love and Shalom, Marcia Indianer Meyers and Arthur Meyers

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