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Shlomo Katz <SKATZ@...>

I am searching for descendants of my father's uncle Mendel KATZ. We have
already taken the usual steps for researching in Montreal (with guidance >from
one of the leaders of JGS-Montreal). I am now looking for unusual suggestions
or for anyone who has personal knowledge of the family. This is the
information we have.

-Born approx. 1879 in Visheve, Hungary.
-Son of Yitzchak KATZ and Henia Perel GENUTH.
-Settled in Montreal about 1902-1905.
-Married Leah (daughter of Moshe Simcha KATZ) at Chevra Shas synagogue in March
1906. (I have a copy of the marriage certificate thanks to Montreal JGS.)
-Had three sons. (I have a picture of them taken at Posners studio in Montreal.)
-Apparently died April 1938 and buried in Baron de Hirsch cemetery, Montreal.
(I have a picture of a stone that says Mendel son of Yitzchak Katz. Papermans
funeral home confirms that the person buried there had a wife named Leah,
so I'm pretty confident that its the right stone.)
-Leah apparently died in November 1956. (Again, this is conjectured >from a
tombstone photo.)
-I have seen a tombstone photo that may belong to their son. It says "Moe Katz"
in English and "Moshe ben Mendel" in Hebrew. The person buried there was killed
in action in 1941 and was 32 years old. (This connection is pure conjecture,
but the age matches and Leah's father's name was Mendel.)

My parents spent last week in Montreal trying to follow up on some of these
leads, but with no luck. They did meet one elderely man who remembers a Mendel
Katz who was a butcher, but we don't know what my Mendel did for a living.

Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, Maryland USA

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