SS officer saving Jews in Ostrava, CZ? #general

Michael Gordy

I write with an unusual story of surviving the Holocaust. I'm
hoping that someone might be able to guide me on filling in the
missing pieces.

My grandfather was born in Ostrava, Czech Republic (Mahrisch-Ostrau in
German) in 1908. He had a childhood friend by the surname Muller
(umlaut over the u) who came >from a poor German-Czech family.
Muller would come to my grandfather's house to eat lunch a couple of
times each week, and otherwise was lucky to get much lunch at all.
When they were young teens, Muller ran away >from home and wasn't
heard >from again.

Shift ahead to 1939. Hitler has swept through Czechoslovakia and
Jews are prohibited >from exiting the country without an exit visa.
Within days, my grandfather's father meets Muller on the street
to find that Muller was the SS officer in charge of Ostrava. Muller
told him to send his son (my grandfather) to his office. My
grandfather did as instructed. He was not permitted to see Muller,
but his passport was stamped with an exit visa. Thus he made his
way out...

After the war, my grandfather once heard that Muller was shot by
the SS for helping Jews to escape. My grandfather passed away
10 years ago, and I don't know the reliability of this information.

Does anyone have a similar story of leaving Ostrava or other
encounter with this SS officer? Any suggestions for sources at
the Holocaust Museum (I live near Washington DC) or elsewhere that
could confirm the story and fill in details?

-- Michael Gordy
Takoma Park, MD USA
Researching: GOLDBERGER, TRAEMER, RITTER in Ostrava and Opava, CZ

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