M ABRAMOWITZ Worcester Mass from Rokiskis #general


Dear Genners,

I have traced Mikhla ABRAMOWITZ (b 1878)and two daughters Raiza Dvoira (b
1903) and Taube Lesha(b1904) to Ellis Island 1908 where they were to join
husband/father M Abramowitz c/o Ogulnik 52 Winter St Worcester Mass.
I have tried all manner of creative names for the father who was Shevel
Mowsha Abramowitch in Rokiskis Lithuania. And found nothing significant.
Even my 95 year old cousin, their cousin too, has never heard of them.
I would expect him to be a scholarly type , a minister or chazzan or Hebrew
teacher. Just a guess.
Does someone have any information about them?
Thank you
Ros Romem

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