Searching: Yente and Avrum Eli LEVIN (LEFF), New York #general

Zalman Usiskin

I am looking for descendants of Yente or Yette who married Avrum Eli
(Abraham) LEVIN (or LEFF). Yente was born in Poland/Russia, probably
near Bialystok. She had a sister Dora. It is likely that Yente's
maiden name was GARBER and that she was born 1850-1870.

Yente's father was Jacob (Yankel). He was my great-grandmother's
oldest brother.

Somewhere around 1900-1920, Yente and Avrum Eli lived in New York
City. Here is all I know about their family. They had three
1. Ida, who married a man with the first or last name NELSON. Ida
had a daughter who married a German Jew, and a second child.
2. Anna, who died of tuberculosis.
3. Teivel (Bertha), who married a man whose name phonetically is
OLAF. Teivel had two children.

All this came to me orally so spellings and other information could
easily be incorrect. Does any of this ring a bell?

Zalman Usiskin
Winnetka, IL, USA

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