Re: GREIF on Ellis Island Site #general

Arnold Davidson <arnoldbd@...>

At 01:00 AM 07/27/2004 -0500, Lois Friedman wrote:
I am having a lot of problems with magnifying the passenger list on the
Steve Morse Ellis Island site. This is very important to me on my search.
Is there any solution to this? Is anyone else having this problem?
I am trying to magnify GREIF, Aron...arrival in NY July 11, 1893 aboard the
Grecian sailing >from Glasgow, Scotland.
Thank you for your help.
Lois Friedman
Delray Beach, FL

I had no trouble finding Aron GREIF using the White Form >from Steve Morse's
site. (The Blue Form couldn't be used because the 1893 manifests did not
ask for or show whether a person was a "Hebrew"). I also had no trouble
enlarging the image using the magnifier provided on the right side of the
Ellis Island page ("Click to enlarge manifest"). The only information
shown in the enlarged manifest, additional to the posting, is that Aron was
27 yrs old, a pedlar (sic), an Austrian whose last residence was Austria,
destination was New York, he could read and write and he came with 3 pieces
of luggage.

If Lois was asking about how to print an enlarged image, that's a whole
different story. Perhaps someone can correspond with her privately.

Arnold Davidson
Boynton Beach, FL

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