Need Help With Yiddish Translations #general

Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

I would greatly appreciate help with translating 3 Yiddish postcards.

One image is a postcard >from Sosnowiec to Itchak Rosenblatt in Pittsburgh
(about 100 years ago) posted at VM4456 and can be viewed at:

The second image is a postcard >from Bloomington, IL to B. Rosenblatt in
Pittsburgh (1901) posted at VM4458 and can be viewed at:

The third image is a postcard >from A. Rozenblat in Czestochowa to B.
Rosenblatt in Brooklyn (circa WWII) posted at VM4460 and can be viewed at:

Thanks very much in advance.

Linda Silverman Shefler

from Czestochowa; Sosnowiec; Bedzin; Checiny and surrounding areas
ROSENBLATT >from Pittsburgh; Providence; Brooklyn VIERTEL/FERTEL >from Galicia
and Cleveland; MARX >from Germany and Cleveland; NULMAN >from Fastov; Kiev;
Pavilich; Fall River; Providence SNOPARSKY/SCHNARARSKIJ >from Pavilich and

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