"Rosen's" Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY #general


Shlomo Katz has asked for further information about "Rosen's" restaurant in
Brooklyn, c. 1930.

The famous restaurant Junior's is owned by the Rosen family. I believe that they
did own a restaurant in Brooklyn as early as 1930, and that it may have had a
different name.

While Junior's Restaurant is not kosher, it does cook in the style of the Jews
of Eastern Europe. They are most famous for their cheesecake, which they ship
around the world.

There actually is a fascinating book about this restaurant published in the last
decade, Welcome To Junior's. The authors are listed as the brothers Rosen.
The history of Junior's mirrors the Jewish history of Brooklyn during the entire
20th century.

I have no connection to the restaurant, or to the publishers of the book.

Judy Segal
New York City, USA

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