ViewMate Translation from Yiddish to English #general

Kevin Hanit <klh44@...>


I am in need of a translation >from Yiddish to English of a Letter written by
a cousin of mine to his Uncle (My Great Grandfather) in Toronto.

Here is a direct link to the ViewMate Postings of this 3 page letter: (presently
this image is not mine)

Page 1 can be found at

Please reply privately to me at klh44@....

Kevin Hanit
Concord, ON Canada

Searching for: ABELOVICH (Derechin to Canada, Israel, New York and Argentina),
PARELMAN & PAREPLOTCHIK (Baranovichi to New York & Yarmouth, NS), KLETSKIN,
LEVITT, HOROWITZ, STOLAR (Baranovichi to Israel), GERCHICOF (Kyiv, Canada),
ROTFOGEL (Kielce or Lagow, Poland to Canada and USA, Lodz to Israel),
SPIEGEL (Kielce or Lagow, Poland to Canada and Philadelphia, PA)

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