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Dear Genners,

For those interested in the ***non-technical*** aspects and implications of
genealogy and genetics, this very interesting article in today's (July 31)
New York Times discusses the importance of a 1.6 million person Mormon
genealogical database in Utah in tracing genetics, as well as the emergence
of Utah as a base for genetics-focused companies.

Headline: By accident, Utah is proving an ideal genetics laboratory

The story mentions Dr. Mark Skolnick of Myriad Genetic Inc., one of the
biggest companies in the new genetics corridor near the University of Utah.
He was a professor and a pioneer in the discovery of the breast cancer gene
Also referenced: Scott R. Woodward, non-profit Sorenson Molecular Genealogy
Foundation's chief scientist. His group is compiling a global genetic
database to assist people in finding roots, with the aim of having DNA
samples of 100,000 people within a few years, with a Western European focus;
some 40,000 samples are available now.
When the global database is completed, a person should be able to walk into
an office, provide a DNA sample, and receive a report specifying what
place - perhaps even the town or county, if not a region - the person's
genes are most likely from.

Enjoy the read.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

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