Re: First Name 'Froim' #general

Thomas Lerman

I do not know if this will help or not . . . a greatgrandfather (my father's
father's father) has listed on his immigration record "Efroim", his naturalization
record "Fraim", and all other records & went by "Frank". He immigrated >from

Thomas Lerman
Researching (among other cities):
LERMAN - Berdichev Russia/Ukraine, Cleveland Ohio
REITMAN - Chenavitz Austria, New York City New York,Cleveland Ohio
KLEIN - Budapest Austria/Hungary, New York City &
Schenectady New York, Cleveland Ohio

--- PhylBoz@... wrote:

I have found a first name of 'Froim' on the 1912 Grodno (Belarus)voting list. I
have searched for derivation or translation of this name with no success. Does
anyone recognize???

Phyllis Bosworth

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