SCHUPAK Research: Mind your "S"s and "L"s #general

m leonards <m_leonards@...>

Evan Fishman asked why the entries for "Schtshupak" did not appear on any of
Steve Morse's EIDB search pages.

Using the "Missing Manifests" resource, and the Roll/Frame information the
Evan provided, I located the immigrant just above the Schtshupak family:
Reise Rosenberg of Odessa. I then used the "gray" page (although all of
them would have worked) to find Reise.

Then, I opted for the "Text Manifest", which is the manifest, as

The entry after Rosenberg, Reise is:

Lchtschupak, Schmul

Now, this was a _very_ common transcription mistake. If you're searching
for a name (given or surname) that begins with and "S", try it with an "L".

Best wishes,
Monica Leonards
suburban Philadelphia

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